Key aspects
  • Low-cost Substrate (Glass)
  • Low Material Consumption
  • High Production Speed
  • Higher theoretical efficiency limit
  • Lowest Manufacturing Costs (0.25 $/Wp)
  • 100 % independant from suppliers
  • 100 % Patents in hand of Antec
  • Simple structure of module productions
  • Easy to set up a local production
Integrated Process

CdTe Integrated Process at one place

  • Glass substrate instead of Silicon wafers as a base product
  • 98% less semiconductor material
  • 100% product and quality control
  • Final product is a highly esthetic uniform black (or colored) glass-glass panel
vs. Crystaline Silicon Sourcing Process
  • Complex sourcing process with different players and qualities
  • Control over the panel assembly process only
  • High dependence on many suppliers
Production Steps


the module glasses are heated to coating temperature via a preheating section


the CdTe coating itself takes place via a cadmium telluride gas stream that deposits itself on the surface of the module glass by changing from a gaseous state to a solid (desublimation)


the coated module glass is subsequently cooled in a controlled manner and discharged from the after-cooling section

The materials
  • Cadmium is a natural metallic element. It primarily emerges as waste during zinc production. CdTe provides a long-term usage of this by-product.
  • Tellurium is a naturally occurring metalloid. It is mainly extracted during copper refining.
  • By combining Tellurium and Cadmium the compound cadmium telluride (CdTe) is created. This compound with semiconductor properties is a solid conjunction of both elements.
  • CdTe is insoluble in water.
  • Resistant to breaking and high temperature, because CdTe is enclosed in glass.
Environmental Advantages

Lowest Carbon & Water Footprint (2.5 and 3 lower )

Fastest Energy Payback Time2 times fasten than c-Si modules

Recyclability with Cradle to Cradle

Energy Yield Advantages
  • lowest annual degradation rate 
  • best Temperature Coefficient & Spectral Response - delivers up to 5 % more energy in hot climates and an additional 4% more annual energy in high humidity conditions
  • Low power loss in shade
  • no loss in case of cell breakage
  • no degradation due to LID effects as with c-Si modules
Social Advantages


  • responsible sourcing and due diligence in the supply chain are feasible with CdTE technology.
  • Production is fully vertically integrated, produced under one roof, with complete transparency.
  • Modules in CdTe technology represent the most eco-efficient solution on the market today.
  • With ANTEC CdTe module technology local jobs are created.




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